What we do

Firecrown works directly with bar owners, chefs and restaurateurs in London to find the ideal whisky tastings for your audience. We bring the whisky and the glasses, or if you’d like us to showcase your own whisky list, we love to do that too. Entirely independent and not tied to any particular brand, we’re committed to guiding you and your guests through the very best in Scotch and world whiskies. Clients include Tramp (St James's), Kutir (Chelsea), Behind This Wall (Hackney) and Home House (Marylebone).


Private whisky tastings
For private events in your home or office, just sit back and relax: Firecrown can devise an informal, bespoke tasting, whether there’s just two of you or a group of 20. Everything from the glassware to the whiskies themselves are included in the price. 


Whisky consultancy

If you want to make your in-house whisky list stand out from the crowd, Firecrown founder James Shea is on hand to advise.


Please get in touch for more information.

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